Polymath Studio

We are a full-service Architecture and Design studio, based in Portland, Oregon, serving the Pacific Northwest and beyond. We specialize in:


Clean lines, an honest expression of material and structure, abundant light and air, and a strong connection to nature.


Add that second story or bump out the backturn your current house into the house of your dreams.


Live small, embrace multi-generational living, or earn rental income. Help find the Missing Middle.


Simple designs, elegant details, and high quality living spaces.


Certified Passive House Consultant. LEED Accredited Professional. Save the planet — and on your utility bills.

About us

We design things. Mostly buildings. We advocate for Idea and Craft in the man-made world.

Sean Barnett, AIA

Oliver Brandt

Kate Barbaria, Architect

Maab Mohammed, NOMA

Brendan Albano, NCARB

Vig Madhavan

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